8) IH Farmall BMD

IH Farmall BMD Gold edition.

Only 50 that came off the production line were sprayed gold in 1953

Coronation Gold (To celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth)

The BMD signifies:

    M is the model

    B means it was made in Britain (At first this model was made in the States)

    D means it was the diesel version

7)Leyland 804

Leyland 804 (or Marshall 804)

Utility tractor


3.8l 4 cylinder diesel engine

82 HP

Made by Leyland 1982 to 1987

6) Hart Parr 18-36


3 forward 1 reverse gear

Made in Charles  City Iowa USA by the Hart Parr gasoline Company

Horsepower: 18 at the draw-bar and 36 at the belt pulley.

5)Rumley Oil Pull

Rumley Oil Pull

Model H

16-30 HP


Made by the Advance-Rumley Company in the USA

4)Massey Ferguson 65

Massey Ferguson 65

The first tractor of the rebranded Massey Ferguson group (formerly Massey Harris Ferguson.)

First of the red body and grey chassis livery.



Perkins Diesel

3)The British Wallis

British Wallis

Made in 1921

By Ruston and Hornsby at Stockport UK

4 cylinder petrol paraffin


Built under licence with the Case Plough works In Racine USA

2)Fordson E27N

Fordson E27N Major

An upgrade of the Fordson model N

45 HP

1945 to 1952

Made in Dagenham England

1)Waterloo Boy (Overtime)

The Waterloo Boy Model N

Made in 1918 by the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company Iowa USA

The company was bought by John Deere in 14 march 1918

12-25 HP (2 cylinder horizontal engine)

2 speed transmission

Sold in the UK under the Overtime name.

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