A celebration of International Harvester Tractor History 

Chart the history of  IH tractors with a series of iconic model mugs

The IH TITAN 10-20

IH o1 The TITAN 10-20

Early on IH had produced large 'Prairie' type tractors designed on the old Traction Engine shape and size. These were far too big, heavy and expensive to be used on smaller farms and so the Titan 10-20 (and Mogul of similar size) were developed to bring mechanisation to the medium/small farm. Many were imported into Britain around the time of the First World War.

The 10-20 was produced in the International Harvester factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA and during its production over 78000 were manufactured.

To order this mug-

Send an email to tractortreasures@gmail.com

or  text to 07702339765

stating which colour mug you require ( Red, yellow, dark blue, light blue, orange, purple, green, orange, black or white.) and if you require any more text adding e.g. the name of the person the mug is for etc)

Mugs cost £20 including P&P

Designs for International Harvester Iconic Tractor MUGS

01 Titan 10-20

02 Mogul 10-20

03 IH Junior 8-16

04 IH 15-30

05 IH 10-20

06 IH W-30

07 IH Farmall F-14

08 IH Farmall  M

09 IH W4

10 IH Farmall Cub

11 IH Super BMD

12  IH B-150

13 International B-250

14 IH B275

15 IH 454 World-wide range

Iconic IH model coasters

Collection 1

Collection 1 consists of:

1] Titan 10-20

2] Mogul 10-20

3] IH 15-30

4] IH Junior 8-16

5] IH 10-20

6] IH Farmall F-20

Collection 2 consists of:

7] IH W-30

8] IH Farmall F12

9] IH Farmall M

10] IH Farmall Cub

11] IH B275

12] IH 454 (World series)